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Unravel Intelligence out of your Web Analytics platform – Part 1

Last week, in a discussion with one of the leading eCommerce businesses in India, our talk veered towards this pain point – “I don’t know how to dig out causes behind the change in my business metric that I see on my Web Analytics tool. The data is there but what if I could get the entire story behind the chaos automatically?” Over the past years of our web and app analytics consulting service, we have experienced that a multitude of clients face this. They aren’t able to make sense of the humongous data on their platforms and infer intelligent business savvy insights.  In this post, we’ve addressed an eCommerce business scenario.

Suppose you’re the marketing manager of an eCommerce website that sells customized t-shirts in US. Your revenue has increased substantially this month. It’s positive news, right? Now, you want to analyze and decode the factors responsible for the increase. Was it due to external events like the recent Presidential elections and Trump’s win? Or was it because of new users acquired from a fresh marketing campaign that you ran? Or was it just an increasing trend for the last few months? Your existing tool unfortunately cannot differentiate between these factors.

That’s where Badger – the insight digger comes handy. This machine learning powered product can drill down on every significant change and discover the hidden causes that you could’ve overlooked otherwise. You can get anomaly alerts in real time like if your revenue from California drops substantially than the expected trend. If you have multiple tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc, Badger can integrate them too.

Badger tells you where to look and why to look. So you know what you’re doing right and should continue doing. You know what you’re doing wrong and shouldn’t be doing. You save time cramming all the data, you save efforts of analyst man-hours and get actionable insights! It’s a win-win!

Our team is building up Badger for companies operating in eCommerce, publishers and lead generation space alike. Sign up for a free trial today and we will help you take business decisions out of your analytics tool.

Watch this space for our next post on how a publisher, using Badger, can generate insights to know why the bounce rates/ sessions have changed significantly. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter for interesting updates!

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