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Unravel Intelligence out of your Web Analytics platform – Part 2

Keeping our promise, here’s presenting our second post exclusively for PUBLISHERS! Read about a useful case that fuels your common goal to increase reader traffic on your article pages and, in turn, your ad revenue.

Put yourself in the shoes of a product manager for the Times of India, India’s leading publisher. You want to increase your ad Revenue. What would you do? You’d need to find out how your current ad revenue is impacted from the number of impressions/clicks and which are the content group pages you can pitch to advertisers for higher eCPMs/ CPCs. Relatable?

You work on your Web Analytics tool (read Google Analytics, Omniture) for hours and then end up with audience behavior reports. One interesting insight you get is most of your visitors visit the travel column and click on articles citing popular destinations across the world. This audience is majorly young and belongs to the age group 20-35. So a smart step you’d take is to contact travel booking sites and hospitality firms like MakeMyTrip, Airbnb and provide them these audience segments at higher bid rates than other publisher sites! But, how difficult or easy was it to derive this insight? Quite difficult, right?

Now take the recent demonetization storm for instance. You most probably foresaw that ‘Economy’ and ‘Politics’ sections of TOI would get more traffic. Suppose you got a 25% increase in sessions for these sections. However, you find out that the 25% increase was caused majorly due to increased traffic from the age group 18-25 hailing from semi-urban, Tier-II cities. Did you anticipate this trend? You never looked for this as you did not expect this audience to drive your traffic.

How about you get these insights in your inbox so you can cash in on them immediately?

When there are multiple factors involved and multiple goals to track, it would be great to be equipped with such insights, wouldn’t it? Does your current analytics tool provide you such automated insights? Well, Badger does. And in your inbox!

Badger is a machine learning SaaS that can auto-configure with any data source. It processes your data using analytical models and gives you insights that are actionable. You can take informed, intelligent business decisions as Badger can help you uncover the change impact of multiple attributes and events like demonetization and audience geography.

You probably invest precious analyst man-hours, efforts and mental faculties trying to figure out causes behind significant events and what works best. Badger- the insight digger – tells you where to look and why to look. Know what you’re doing right and should continue doing. Know what you’re doing wrong and shouldn’t be doing.

Our team is building up Badger for companies operating in e-commerce, publishers and lead generation space alike. Sign up for a free trial today and we will help you take business decisions out of your analytics tool.

Watch this space for our next post on how a lead generation company, using Badger, can generate insights. And follow us on Facebook and Twitter for interesting updates!

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